Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Ha service PEMADAM API fire extinguisher area Seremban? (Renew sijil Bomba)

RM65.00 - 140.00

Ha dekat mana nak dapatkan service pemadam api fire extinguisher area Seremban? (Renew Bomba Certificate).

Senarai harga pemadam api 2022 Muncet Global, tanpa certificate Bomba:

9 kg dry powder RM140
6 kg dry powder RM120
4 kg dry powder RM100
2 kg dry powder RM85
1 kg dry powder RM75
2 kg CO2 RM155

Service refill 9kg dry powder RM100/tong include Bomba certificate.

Basic service 9kg dry powder RM65/tong include Bomba certificate.

Refill and service CO2 2kg RM120/tong include Bomba certificate.

Basic service CO2 2kg RM85 include Bomba certificate.

Fire blanket RM75

Charge delivery sekitar Seremban RM60 (ikut kuantiti).

Call: 012-645 9881
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